We are thrilled to announce the grand launch of Numu Nursery, your premier destination for early childhood education in the heart of Dubai, UAE!

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Numu Nursery, Raising the Future

45+ days to 5 years

Grow in our Nurseries
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EYFS Curriculum

Our Neuro-Mapped EYFS Curriculum -
Sparks Exploration, Creativity, and a Lifelong Love for Learning

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Investing in Tomorrow

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    Future proofing Numu
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    Adaptive and Evolving
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    Our nursery's commitment to our millennial families
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Golden 1000 Days Programme

The 1000 Day period is a critical window for
physical, cognitive, and emotional development

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A Multilingual Offer Empowering the Future

We don't just talk to your child; we talk with your child. The continuous serve and return interactions sets the stage for robust language development.

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Screen-free alternative strategies for engaging with coding concepts by using Lego for education, bots, puzzles and games.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

At Numu, education extends far beyond the classroom

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Numu's Recipe for Excellence

Individualized Learning Paths.

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Active Children
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Supportive Educators
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Innovative Spaces
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Raising Happy Children

Fostering a lifelong love of learning
Magical Days

Our Littles’ Program - Our co-curricular club celebrates the 1 child, a 100 languages, a 1000 magical days.

Enquire Now

We are eager to hear from you and learn more about your child's needs and your aspirations. Fill out the brief form below, and we'll be in touch soon to arrange a personal tour and address any questions you may have.

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